My biggest thanks of all go, of course, to Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan, authors of possibly the finest language tutorial and reference book ever written.

This site wouldn't even exist if it weren't for the efforts of a great many people, who contributed either by providing solutions or by suggesting corrections. Some have chosen to remain anonymous, but the rest (as far as I know) are listed here. Please don't ask me what all these guys did; if you can't find a solution from them, you may assume they provided constructive criticism of some kind:

Ola Angelsmark
Regis Barbanchon
Russ Bobbitt
Colin Barker
Stig Brautaset
RC RC no spam 4 meth x at high-temperature mail dot com
Dann Corbit
Rick Dearman
Stefan Farfeleder
Flippant Squirrel
Paul Griffiths
Steven Huang
Lawrence Kirby
Rick Litherland
Wayne Lubin
Marshall S McLeish
Chris Mears
Ben Pfaff
Dennis Piccioni
Gregory Pietsch
Lew Pitcher
Craig Schroeder
Partha Seetala
Chris Sidi
Andrew Tesker
Chris Torek
Bob Wightman
Bryan Williams
Lars Wirzenius
Roman Yablonovsky

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