Maintenance History (old)

Last updated: 12 March 2002

Many people have sent me solutions which have not yet appeared on the site. I regret this and apologise for it. I'll get to them as soon as I can. In an effort to clear the backlog, I have at last relinquished my policy of dealing with items in strict chronological order. Instead, I'll do the easy stuff first, which I hope will have the effect of reducing the psychological burden of tackling the less easy stuff. Here is a list of the most recent changes:

12 March 2002 - Added Steven Huang's solution to 5-7 (first submitted on the 9th December 2000).

11 March 2002 - Rick Dearman's solution to 2-1 had a couple of glitches remaining; Stefan Farfeleder sent in a fix for these a few aeons ago, which I have at last included. Also, added Steven Huang's solution to 4-7, submitted on (cough) 9 December 2000. And I added a fix to my own 1-20 solution, first sent to me by Roman Yablonovsky in October 2000. (Steven Huang sent me the same suggestion, in December 2000.) Added Stig Brautaset's solutions to 1-9 and 1-24, submitted in July 2001. Oh, and Gregory Pietsch wrote to me in January 2001 to point out that his exercise 5-11 is actually in the form of two programs, and could I split them up please? Done that. Oh yes, and I massively re-organised the layout of the site - the size of the index page was getting beyond a joke. At the expense of an extra click to get to a solution, you no longer have to page down through, say, six chapters of stuff to find the Chapter 7 solutions...

18 Feb 2002 - Added Bob Wightman's Cat 1 solution to 4-6 (submitted in November 2000). Also fixed a credit error (Gregory Pietsch's 7-3 wasn't ascribed properly, further down this page).

15 Feb 2002 - Wayne Lubin submitted a query re Paul Griffiths's 3-4 solution, which I forwarded to Paul. He responded with a correction almost immediately, but it's taken me about six months to do anything about it!

14 Feb 2002 - added "386sx"'s solution to 1-16, which tackles a slightly stricter interpretation of the exercise than my own solution.

13 Feb 2002 - added Steven Huang's solution to 4-8, submitted on 9 December 2000, and Gregory Pietsch's solution to 7-3, submitted on 29 Jan 2001.

11 Feb 2002 - added Steven Huang's solutions to 5-13, submitted on 9 December 2000, and to 7-8, submitted on 7 Dec 2000. Greg P submitted a revision of his 5-6 answer on 29 Jan 2001 - incorporated here at last.

8 Feb 2002 - fixed yesterday's mods (sigh), and added a solution to 6-5 by Gregory Pietsch, first submitted back in November 2000. (I'm giving up on these ouches now...)

7 Feb 2002 - fixed yesterday's mods!, and added a solution to a new problem, 5-14. Solution is by Steven Huang, and was originally sent to me on 8 December 2000. (Ouch again.)

6 Feb 2002 - added a couple of Cat 1 solutions from Stefan Farfeleder. He originally sent these in on 1 December 2000. (Ouch.)

1 Jan 2000 to 5 Feb 2002 - whatever. :-) Of course, it was within this period that the site received at least one solution for over seventy of the exercises.

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